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Crowns and Bridges

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Crowns and Caps

Crowns – or “caps,” as they are sometimes called – are an excellent way to repair and strengthen badly damaged teeth. Covering the entire surface area of the tooth, they help to prevent weaker teeth from cracking or breaking. By reinforcing these weaker teeth, they effectively reduce or eliminate pain, sensitivity, and difficulty with chewing and speaking.

Crowns are sometimes used to strengthen teeth that are compromised due to fracture lines, cracks or large fillings. Aside from alleviating and preventing future pain, they can also restore beauty to your mouth.


A dental bridge is an appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth. These appliances are cemented into place and cannot be removed by the patient. There are several different types of dental bridges. Dr. Bateman will recommend the most appropriate one for your mouth condition and the location of the missing tooth or teeth.