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directiDr. Bateman is a member of the:

American Dental Association.
Academy of General Dentistry.
American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technicians, Board member.
International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Fellow.
Oregon Dental Association.

You’re in Good Hands

Dr. Bateman graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Cell & Molecular Biology. He continued his education at the Oregon Health & Sciences University, where he earned his graduate degree from the School of Dentistry in 2002.

Dr. Bateman completed his advanced education in General Dentistry in 2003 at Audie L. Murphy VA Memorial Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. In this program, he received advanced anesthesia, surgical and prosthetic training.

After his residency, Dr. Bateman completed hundreds of hours of CE advanced surgical and prosthetic training, including having graduated from the prestigious Kois Center in 2007.

In addition to owning this dental practice, Dr. Bateman founded Head & Neck Imaging, NW in Salem Oregon in 2006.

Our Clients Say

  • In addition to practicing an insightful yet practical dentistry, Dr. Bateman has also gathered a knowledgeable and thoughtful staff for dental care. Together, they make a welcoming team that inspires confidence in my visits to the dentist, from his own expertise to the approach and knowledge of Terri, our hygienist, and all the rest of the office technicians. I've been especially appreciative toward Dr. Bateman's approach to my implant process to replace a "beyond repair" tooth with a permanent "fix." 

  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Bateman since he began his practice in Salem. Every time I enter the office I am welcomed by friendly office staff and assistants (Karen, Brandy, Sierra, and Megan). I find Dr. Bateman thoughtful, knowledgeable and a straight forward when it comes to needed services. I am confident in his work. Terri, the dental hygienist, is thorough and educates on good dental hygiene and tooth care.These positive comments are an indication of the great care that I receive since I really don't like going to the dentist." 

  • "Dr. Bateman and his staff are AWESOME! They are very friendly, professional and welcoming. I can not say I enjoy getting dental work done but Dr. Bateman and his staff sure make it more pleasurable. I hope you know how pleased I am with the outstanding services you and your staff provide. I am very happy with the end results. I am one happy client. Thank you again for taking such great care of me. I can not say enough about Dr. Bateman and his staff."

  • "Dr. Bateman and his staff have been great to work with. I never thought I would need to have implants put in at the age of 30. It was all a bit overwhelming at first, but Dr. Bateman worked to make sure that everything was perfect. It’s just like having my own teeth. I also love the fact that my whole family can have their dental needs taken care of in one office. I can schedule the kids on the same day and make one trip. Dr. Bateman's office is so kid friendly – my kids actually ask me when their next dental visit is and it is a highlight for them when they get to go and have their teeth cleaned."

  • "I finished a long period of restorative therapy and all through it, I was treated kindly and gently. I recommend to anyone who has any fear of dentists to go to Dr. Bateman and his staff. They are professionals who treat you well!"

  • "Thank you from the heart!Thanks for your special kindness, friendly attitudes, harmonious relationships that make each patient feel they are your only one. I appreciate the attention I got from each of you.Keep up the great rapport. A very satisfied patient." 

About Our Clinic

At Dr. Bateman’s office, we care about your complete dental wellness. We are committed to helping you maintain all areas of your oral health. This is accomplished with regular dental checkups and treatment as necessary. Whether old or young, we provide dental services to that can help you smile with confidence.

Dr. Bateman’s advanced training and years of experience give him the confidence to do almost everything in-house, including root canals, crowns and bridges, dental implants, dentures, and complex full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Bateman’s philosophy is that he wants to help his patients reduce taking risks with their mouth by choosing treatment that has a good long term prognosis rather than spending time and hard earned money with treatment that doesn’t last. Dr. Bateman uses state of the art implant treatment planning using cone beam CT scans so he can provide accurate, and well planned surgical placement of your dental implant. Dr. Bateman provides a variety of sedation options such as IV and oral sedation for our apprehensive patients.

Join our patients throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley who trust in us to provide their dental care. We will enhance your smile, and restore comfort and function in your mouth.

Meet Our Staff

Dr Bateman

Dr Bateman

Dr. Bateman graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Cell & Molecular Biology. He continued his education at the Oregon Health & Sciences University, where he earned his graduate degree from the School of Dentistry in 2002...

Teri Abel

Teri Abel

My name is Teri and I am the dental hygienist for Dr. Bateman. I received my dental hygiene degree from Portland Community College and have been practicing with Dr. Bateman since 2004. I volunteer for Medical Teams International on their dental van, where we serve...

Megan Hendricks

Megan Hendricks

My name is Megan, I am one of Dr. Bateman’s dental assistants. I enjoy working in the dental field and helping our patient’s with their dental care. I have been an assistant since 2001 and have been working for Dr. Bateman since he started his practice in Salem. I look forward to...

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Dental Services

Dr. Bateman and our entire dental team provide a wide range of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. We offer all services in-house, saving you the trouble of visiting multiple dental providers. Whether you need periodontal cleaning, a dental crown or a tooth implant, you will find these services available in our dental office.


When natural teeth are lost or are not able to be saved, quality of life can often be improved with the use of dental implants and implant-retained dentures. Dental implants with crowns would replace missing teeth and implant retained dentures provide many advantages over traditional dentures.

3D Imaging

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a compact, faster and safer version of the regular CT. Through the use of a cone shaped X-Ray beam, the size of the scanner, radiation dosage and time needed for scanning are all dramatically reduced.

Root Canal Therapy

Do you have a tooth that is giving you pain or prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold? Has your tooth become discolored or are the nearby gums swelling or tender? Do you have spontaneous pain? If so, chances are you have an infection and may need a root canal.

Crowns and Bridges

CrownCrowns – or "caps," as they are sometimes called – are an excellent way to repair and strengthen badly damaged teeth. Covering the entire surface area of the tooth, they help to prevent weaker teeth from cracking or breaking. By reinforcing these weaker teeth, they effectively reduce or eliminate pain, sensitivity, and difficulty with chewing and speaking.


Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, usually make their first appearance in young adults between the ages of 15 to 25. Most mouths are too small for these four additional molars; therefore, an extraction procedure is often necessary.

IV and Oral Sedation

If the thought of sitting in a dental chair makes you anxious and afraid, you are not alone! Dr. Bateman and his compassionate staff understand. More importantly, they have solutions: intravenous (IV) sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide and oxygen, or a combination of oral and nitrous oxide sedation together.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease is an ongoing infection in the gums and bone around the teeth, which results in periodontal pockets that could create bone loss. The deeper the pockets, the more infection you have and the more serious the infection. Periodontal treatment will remove this infection and give these pockets a chance to heal.

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